Umbilical Cord Problems

Umbilical cord problems refer to a number of different ways that the cord can interfere with the delivery of a baby.  Fortunately in many cases, these problems may be quickly identified and solved so that the baby does not sustain an unnecessary birth injury. However in some cases, the baby is not so lucky.

Medical professionals must take every possible precaution to identify and correct umbilical cord problems.  When they fail, those professionals may be found liable for committing medical malpractice. If you believe your baby’s health problems are due to a birth injury caused by umbilical cord problems or some other preventable situation during delivery, you may consider filing a birth injury lawsuit. The birth injury lawyers of Balkin & Eisbrouch may be able to help.

Birth injuries caused by umbilical cord problems

Babies with umbilical cord issues face risks including:

  • Organ failure
  • Brain damage
  • Stillborn birth

Types of umbilical cord complications

Problems may appear in one of several ways including:

  • Umbilical hernias
  • The cord becomes wrapped around the neck or body of the fetus (nuchal cord)
  • Knots in the umbilical cord
  • Compression of the cord

Risk of birth injury compounded by risk factors

Risk factors for complications include:

  • Long length of cord
  • Multiple, previous pregnancies
  • Advanced age of the mother
  • Maternal high blood pressure
  • Diabetic mother

Contact a birth injury lawyer at Balkin & Eisbrouch

If you believe your child suffered a birth injury as a result of an untreated or unrecognized umbilical cord problem, you may have the basis to file a lawsuit for the delivery room team’s medical negligence.  Birth injuries may cause serious and long-term damage that will be expensive and require a child to have round-the-clock care and treatment.

The attorneys at Balkin & Eisbrouch are committed to helping you figure out what went wrong during your delivery, why any problems were not solved, and who is ultimately responsible for your child’s current condition.  Legal consultation with attorneys at Balkin & Eisbrouch is free and you pay no money unless we win your case. Call today.