A Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

For over 40 years, the birth injury and cerebral palsy lawyers of Balkin & Eisbrouch have been pursuing cases on behalf of children and families whose lives have been changed as a result of medical negligence committed in the delivery room. For families anticipating the birth of a healthy baby, nothing is more devastating to them than to learn that their baby is having unexpected issues.

We hear a common theme among the callers to our cerebral palsy lawsuit phone number:  A young couple learns that there was a complication with the delivery of their baby, but they are also told that everything will be OK.  The doctors tell the concerned parents to take the baby home and everything will be just fine.  Soon, the parents realize that the baby is far from fine.  Confirmation comes in the form of an often devastating diagnosis.  That’s when they call us.

Vague “complications” reported during delivery don’t always accurately depict the damage done to the baby. The reality is that any medical personnel involved in a complicated birth wants to step away from claiming responsibility for any long-term damage to the child. When this happens, families need a cerebral palsy lawyer or birth injury attorney to hold those responsible for the harm inflicted accountable for what they did.

Through the years, the law firm of Balkin & Eisbrouch has built a vast network of medical experts and investigators who work alongside our talented legal team to uncover the source of a baby’s birth injury and prepare the case as though we are going to trial. We will not relent until we know who is responsible, what went wrong, when it happened, when they knew it had happened, and what they understood about the ramifications facing the baby and his family for the rest of their lives before they told them all to go home.

Though there is no one to blame for some birth injuries, too often they might have been avoided with competent care.  And that is what we can determine and prove to the court.  We want to be the firm that does that for you.

To speak with a birth injury attorney or cerebral palsy lawyer today, call the cerebral palsy lawsuit phone number of Balkin & Eisbrouch toll free, at 855.60.BIRTH. We are available any time of day, 7 days a week to answer your questions about filing a claim. We offer a complimentary legal consultation and charge no legal fees for our service unless we are able to win compensation on your behalf.