Cerebral Palsy Attorneys

Cerebral palsy is the result of brain damage in the newborn. It is a permanent, lifetime condition. Children with cerebral palsy may experience developmental delays, impaired mobility, stiffness, erratic or jerky movements, seizures, difficulty in speaking, impaired cognitive ability, and other problems. The severity of the problems depends on the extent of the brain damage.  In the most severe cases, children are confined do a wheelchair and require care at all times.

A diagnosis of cerebral palsy in a child has a huge impact on a family. In addition to the emotional distress of knowing their child will always have disabilities, there is the financial stress of medical expenses, physical therapy, and other specialized care.

Significant settlements in birth injury malpractice cases

In many cases, cerebral palsy is caused by medical malpractice or negligence during labor and delivery. When that is the case, parents often retain an attorney to file a lawsuit and recover damages. Such damages can be significant: juries have awarded multi-million dollar birth injury settlements in birth injury malpractice cases. The size of the settlement is based on the extent of the malpractice, the severity of the child’s condition, pain and suffering, medical expenses, specialized care, loss of income, hardship, and many other factors. Learn more about pursuing a cerebral palsy lawsuit.

Cerebral palsy attorneys offer free consultations

The cerebral palsy attorneys of Balkin & Eisbrouch are experts in all areas of medical malpractice, particularly with regard to birth injuries. Our firm offers complimentary legal consultation to determine your eligibility to file a claim. We will trace the record to investigate every part of your delivery, examine your medical records of the pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and review all other relevant circumstances to determine whether negligence or malpractice occurred in your case.

Our medical experts and attorneys have over 40 years of experience in this practice are well versed in all the current standards of care that your attending medical staff was obligated to meet. If your child’s disability was caused by the mistakes of medical personnel, we will hold them responsible, expose their negligence, and aggressively seek financial compensation for you and your child.

We are here to help you and seek justice for your child. You pay absolutely nothing unless we win monetary damages on your behalf, so call today and find out how we can help you.