Parents Claim C-Section Mistake Led to Baby’s Death

Jacky Gale | March 6th, 2015 | Posted in Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit News

C-Section Mistake Lawsuit

Each day, countless parents anxiously rush to the hospital to welcome their little ones into the world. Quite often, they don’t consider the possibility that a serious medical error such as a C-section mistake could leave them bereft of their child.

Such was the case for a couple from Maryland, who placed their trust in a doctor at Three Lower Counties Community Services, Inc. The parents have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor and the clinic, alleging that the C-section mistake claimed the life of their baby girl. The parents are demanding that the defendants pay compensatory damages of more than one million dollars.

Mother experienced labor and delivery complications

On January 23, 2013, the mother was at 27 weeks gestation. She presented to the labor and delivery suite late in the evening, complaining of heavy vaginal bleeding. It was determined that her amniotic sac had ruptured and that there was minimal variability on fetal heart tracing, which typically indicates placental abruption.

Placental abruption is not a common complication of pregnancy; however, it is a dire one. The placenta is essential for nourishing the fetus. With placental abruption, the placenta breaks away partially or completely from the uterine wall prior to delivery. This means that the baby no longer receives much-needed oxygen and nutrients. It also causes heavy vaginal bleeding of the mother, along with severe pain and rapid uterine contractions. Since placental abruption is life-threatening for both baby and mother, it is essential that medical staff act promptly. Otherwise, the condition can lead to premature birth, stillbirth, and oxygen deprivation to the baby, along with complications for the mother such as kidney failure, shock from blood loss, and blood clotting problems.

Generally, obstetricians will respond to placental abruption by performing an emergency C-section, especially if the health of the mother or baby is in jeopardy. Unfortunately for the plaintiffs’ little girl, the attending physician did not call for an emergency C-section, which allegedly proved to be a fatal mistake.

Baby’s death allegedly preventable

According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the doctor failed to recognize the mother’s symptoms as signs of placental abruption. She allegedly failed to notify neonatology staff or to institute other emergency measures. Hours later, in the early morning of January 24, the defendant consulted another healthcare professional. At this point, the defendant belatedly realized the urgent nature of the situation and began making preparations for an emergency C-section. The infant was not delivered via C-section until three and a half hours from the time the mother presented to the hospital.

At birth, the infant had APGAR scores of one and five, which the lawsuit states was due to her prolonged hypoxia. Hypoxia refers to oxygen deprivation. When a baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen, permanent brain damage can develop. This can lead to cerebral palsy, a group of disorders characterized by lifelong disability. However, the plaintiffs’ young daughter did not survive. The parents demand compensation for the alleged C-section mistakes, noting that they have suffered severe emotional trauma, injury, and shock.

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